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The WpWatermark plugin is a tested and proven tool that will allow you to instantly brand your blog images on the fly. It is released under the GPL License System, so you are free to edit it any way you wish!

Use it, sell it, or give it away for free - it's up to you!

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This package includes WpWatermark, eCover graphics(X3 sizes), and this very salespage. You can set this up for sale or for free on your own site immediately, and start collecting opt-in subscribers and sales!

** New AND Past Images Branded Instantly! **

That's right! Not only will EVERY image you upload be watermarked with YOUR URL/text, but you can also apply branding to all of your PREVIOUS images with a couple of clicks!

(Branding past images is an optional feature, you may choose to only do future images - it's up to you!)

Plugin Screenshots:

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Yes! I want to brand my Wordpress blog images in just a couple of clicks! I understand I get full Private Label Sourcecode Rights to WpWatermark, and I can do whatever I wish with it!

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