Includes Built-In Header Graphic Creator

Use the built-in flash editor to create awesome headers for your
FB timeline pages instantly. Upload your custom images or provide a URL to any image.

Premium WP Plugin

Quick and easy install on any of your wordpress blogs and you have access to create new "FB Timeline Pages" Each page is unique and can create seperate FB Timeline pages.

FB Timeline Pages

Each page that you create follows the new width of FB Timeline pages, which is 851px so that all of the pages you create will work inside of facebook flawlessly.

Create Unlimited Pages

Does not interfere with your current blog content, creates seperates posts that are for FB Timeline only so you can create unlimited independent timeline pages.

Built-in Graphic Creator

For all beginners who need graphical headers you can use the built-in header creator. Select textures, BG color and custom text. Save and upload to use instantly!

Tabbed Content Area

Each page has up-to 4 tabbed content areas, so you can have 4 pages that fade in and out you can keep visitors inside your FB timeline page with more content.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable, using flash graphic creator as well as customizing the footer, navigation and each tabbed content area.

Customize Navigation

Choose from a variety of textures that match the built-in graphic creator and BG color to give your navigation a custom unique feel.

Custom Header Image

Use the built-in header graphic creator and upload it to use OR add your own graphic creater by uploading or providing the URL.

Works on Any Blog

Using the WP plugin will work in any wordpress blog installation without interfering with your current blog posts or pages.

Watch Demonstration Video

Watch how easy it is to setup FB pages on the fly with no effort.
FB timeline are super easy to make and you can add unlimited pages as you want.


In Only ONE Installation You Can Host Unlimited Pages

Use any of your wordpress blogs to start creating FB pages for you
or any of your clients fast and easily with no frustration with a very small investment!

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