Wordpress Shortcodes

Show your custom optin forms on any wordpress post using a simple shortcode that is this easy: [largeoptin name="main"] and your form will appear..

Professional Design

Be confident that it will work on and look good on your wordpress blog. Increase the conversions of your email optin rate with professional email optin design..

Creative Techniques

Using the latest web techniques to fade-in and other techniques to grab the attention of readers and get them interested in the email optin form right away..

Email Auto-Responder

Use any email auto-responder service by just pasting in the code into one box and the wordpres plugin will do the rest it couldn't be any easier!

Large Email Optin Forms

Create large email optin forms for your blog posts to create an impact and increase your email optin rate conversions with simple shortcodes..

Customize Design

Choose the background color, customize all of the content using a simple and easy interface that only takes a few seconds..

Add Video + More

Add your own video embed code, images and much more using the wizard when creating or editing your email optin shortcodes inside wordpress..

Manage Shortcodes

Create unlimited email optins for every page / post on your blog. Create, edit and manage all of your custom email optin forms for easy access..

Fake-Video Popup

Powerful way to collect leads while offering a video to your leads while tricking them into clicking a fake-video and presenting email optin form..

Easy to Use WP Email Optin Shortcodes

Install the easy optin plugin in only seconds. Choose the type of email optin form you would like to create, add your auto responder code, customize the design and content, add your image or video and click save. Show your custom email shortcode on any blog post or sidebar with a simple shortcode. Create one for all pages, or create a new shortcode for each page.

It is very easy and effective way to increase the conversion rate of your email optin form. The best place to showcase your optin is in the middle or end of your blog posts. View some examples of email optin forms that can be created...

Create Awesome Email Optin Forms

Traditional Optin

Use the effective email optin showcasing a photo or video next to email optin form with social links to promote your email optin form..

Easy to Use Shortcodes

Just paste the small shortcode text onto any blog post and showcase the email optin forms with custom text that specific post and much more..

Socially Connected

Bonus feature post a link that you want to share on facebook, twitter and even google plus for extra exposure..

Download Now

Get instant download access to the wordpress plugin, install on your blog, add your auto-responder code and you can create unlimited shortcodes..

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