ore and more Internet Marketers are using WordPress as their platform for selling products and services on the internet.  It's no secret why...  WordPress is simple to use, easy to customize, a search engine darling, supported by a huge user and developer community, universally available from web hosting providers, and - of course - it's FREE!


WordPress is designed for blogging.  But, the beauty of WordPress is that if you want to use it for internet marketing, there are plenty of software products to help you do just that.


For example, if you want a traditional landing page (sales page, squeeze page, product launch page, etc.) without menus or sidebars that clutter the screen an detract from your message, you can install and configure a special theme, template, or plugin that handles that.


Suppose you want to play videos on your site...  you can do that with any number spectacular player plugins.  Or maybe you want to enhance your site's SEO... there's a plugin to take care of that.


If you want image galleries, featured content displays, PayPal integration, membership and subscription management, ad management, opt-in forms and popups, contact forms, a help desk...


plugin, plugin, plugin, plugin, plugin, plugin, plugin, and plugin.


But, here's the problem...


Each one of those themes, templates, and plugin must be installed and configured.  This process can take hours - even days - to get just right.  And, once you get everything just the way you like it, you'll want to do what any smart business person would do - duplicate and accelerate.


Which means ...


You'll spend hours again, duplicating the installation and configuration of each and every theme and plugin on your new site.


It's not the way you expected to be building your business.  And, truthfully, it's not a great way to make money on the internet.  Configuring WordPress websites is a waste of your valuable time.  One way to get around the problem is to pay someone else to do it but you'd have the headaches of "communicating your vision" to someone else.


What would really be nifty is a way you could just click a few buttons and copy the old site's settings over to your new site.  Then you'd just have to work on changing your content and other site specific items.  Think about it... would that be fantastic or WHAT?!


Well, there's a new, easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable new WordPress plugin that lets you do just that - and it IS fantastic!




Micro-Niche sites
Multiple Affiliate Products (or CPA offers)
Review Sites
Keyword Specific Sites

You can set up a "base" or "template" website - a site with all your favorite plugins, themes, etc. all setup just the way you like – then clone that setup in just minutes... over and over again!

- Changing hosting providers?
- Got a new domain name?

Developing a site for a client and need to move it from your domain to theirs?

wpCyteClone totally frees you from worring if you got everything... or got it right!  You can move an entire site (posts, pages, plugins, themes, settings, uploaded media content, etc.) with just a few clicks of your mouse.

One of the super benefits of WordPress 3+ multi-site networks is the streamlined administration. But, when you create a new sub-site, you're stuck manually configuring themes and plugins.


Not with wpCyteClone.  Now, you can transfer your custom settings from one sub-site to another in seconds with just 1 single click of the mouse!



wpCyteClone is really an great tool for anyone who has to deal with creating WordPress sites on the internet.


The two really great things about this new tool, though, is:

  • how disgustingly easy it is to use
  • how amazingly fast it works
  • how remarkably effective it is

But, instead of running on-and-on about what a great product wpCyteClone is and all the swell things it does, why don't I let you see for yourself in the following videos.  They'll show you IN DETAIL just what the plugin can do for you.




Any time you need to create a new site with the same theme(s) and plugins from another site, you can use wpCyteClone to make it happen in a jiffy.  This 1st video takes you through the entire cloning process - from copying the existing site or "base" install to creating the new site to completing the cloning process.


** BTW: Don't miss this!  ***


Make sure you take note of wpCyteClone's unique retrieval process that lets you pull your original site archive into the new site right from inside WordPress - no downloading or uploading and no need to mess around with FTP - just copy and paste information that wpCyteClone makes readily available, click a button, and you're there!






WordPress multi-site networks are GREAT!  You only have to deal with one WordPress installation and themes and plugins are easily shared between all the sites.


So, many internet marketers have decided to move multiple product, affiliate, or membership sites under one domain name - to enhance to minimize the administration and to enhance their company's brand.  But moving a site INTO a WordPress multi-site network is a nightmare.  Or should I say WAS a nightmare - until wpCyteClone came along.






In spite of all the benefits of WordPress multi-site networks, one drawback is that, while new sites share themes and plugins, they don't share the theme and plugin configurations and customizations.  So, every time you create a new subsite, you have to spend hours recreating the save environment that you've already sweated over on other sites in the network.


Now, with wpCyteClone, you'll clone those custom configurations with 1-Click of your mouse!






How much are you going to save exactly really depends on how fast you want this plugin...you see I'm backing my product 110%, and I want you to be happy with your purchase, so I'm putting a price tag on it that reflects three things:

  • Value For Money
  • Quality Of Product
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Demand
  • Competition
So for a limited time, I'm selling wpCyteClone for the ridiculous LOW price of just $97.00! I don't know how long that price will last.  Today, you can have wpCyteClone for only $97.00 - tomorrow may be a different story!


All you have to do is click the Add To Cart Button below, and pay the CRAZY $97.00 price tag with PayPal, it's that easy, and it's TOTALLY risk free! Order wpCyteClone TODAY, and if within 60 days you don't think the package is suitable for you, simply contact us and we will gladly refund your money...NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If wpCyteClone Does Not Do What It Suppose To Do (Cloning) AND Our Support Cannot Help You Sort It Out,
I Will Send You A Refund Automatically!

NOTE: After 30 days of purchase, if you have any problem with the plugin, you have to contact us for help at http://kenhelpdesk.com, so that we can sort it out. If you don't contact us, and don't allow us chance to help you, you are not qualify for the money back guaranteed. PERIOD!






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