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3 great reasons to use the Top Azon Bar Plugin:

1) It makes you more money on autopilot: You add the plugin to your WordPress site ONCE and the search bar will continue working for you forever, sending Amazon commissions your way. The search results in the bar will also contain a 90-day-cookie (the default Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours). This means that you can make money from the same visitor even if they purchase up to 3 months later!

2) It adds value to your blog: The plugin will add a really cool search bar that allows your visitors to "custom search" Amazon - without leaving your site! Your visitors can find what they want quickly, right from your site. They can search for items that are sold at a specific discount range (for example, 1-20%). Hey, we all love a great deal! PLUS, your visitors will absolutely LOVE "playing" with this search bar - it can become pretty addictive ;-)

3) It's simple and easy to use: All the settings can be accessed from a single screen. The functions are intuitive and don't need any lengthy "user manuals" (that nobody likes to read anyway). Each function has a "help" link next to it that provides some advice for that function. But many customers tell us that they don't even need to open the help links, because it's so obvious how each function works...

This Wordpress plugin is not perfect, but...

I have to admit - this Wordpress plugin is not perfect. For example:

It doesn't support 9 Amazon countries like other plugins. It just supports five: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.de and Amazon.es. I wanted to focus on the most popular Amazon markets for now.

The search bar will not appear on Categories or Archives pages. It can only appear on posts, pages and the homepage. Again, I wanted to focus on the sections of your blog that your visitors are most likely to visit.

It doesn't have 4-5 different "setting tabs". I could include a ton more features in the plugin - but I didn't, because I wanted to keep it simple and easy to use. I like to think of my plugins as "museums" that have only the very best features - and not as "warehouses" that have a ton of stuff you will likely never need.

100% satisfaction guarantee:

Download the plugin. Use it on as many of your sites as you want.

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it's not one of the best ways to make more Amazon commissions from your sites (or it's just not right for you), just send me a personal email within 30 days and let me know.

I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that the plugin isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the future.

4 things to consider before you buy Top Azon Bar Plugin

1) Let's say that you have a blog that gets just 100 visitors per month and you install the plugin on it. Let's be CONSERVATIVE and say that it just generates ONE extra sale for you which gives you a commission of $10. Over a year, this would be $120 extra from this plugin, from one blog. This is money that you are leaving on the table right now. And remember: you can intsall it on ALL the blogs that you own for one low price...

2) You can test my plugin for 60 days. This comes out to less than $0.25 a day to have the the plugin active on your blog, working for you 24/7 and bringing you sales.

3) Don't be like those affiliate marketers who are "penny wise and pound foolish." You know who they are: They try to "save" money and they never get anywhere, while their succesful competitors INVEST an X amount of money in order to get back 10 times that. That's how money is made!

4) I know I could charge much, MUCH more for the plugin but I will not. First because we live in tough economic times and I want to make the plugin affordable to everyone. And second, I hope that, once you see how much "bang for your buck" I give you, you will want to do business with me again and again and maybe purchase other plugins of mine as well...



Order Now and you will also getting developer license to this plugin!

I am not going to sell the developer license to you for $37 or $27. Instead you can get developer license to this plugin at the same price as the unlimited domains license, at just $15.00.

With Developer License, you can

+ install this plugin on unlimited domains that you personally own

+ Install this plugin for your client site and charge them for it. NOTE: you cannot offer a service at fiverr or fourerr or any similar site, to install this plugin. Because you DON'T have any resell right license to this plugin. (If you want to own any right to this plugin, check out the WHITELABEL OFFER HERE)

+ Include this plugin on the site or domain that you sell or flip.

Seriously, at $15.00 with developer license, it is an incredible bargain! In fact, it is a steal!

Start making more Amazon profits
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To your success,

Ken Sar

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Amazon?

Amazon (apart from the river :-)) is the world's largest online retailer.The types of products that are sold on the site include DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. You can join as am Amazon associate (affiliate) for free and receive commissions for every sale you refer to Amazon.

Where will the search bar appear?

It can appear on your posts, pages and homepage. Either at the top, or at the bottom. It will appear for your visitor about 3 seconds after the page loads.

Will it appear properly in all browsers, screen resolutions and mobile devices?

Absolutely. The plugin has been "coded to standards" and will appear properly on all main browsers. On mobile devices, the elements of the bar will "wrap" on more lines so it's always visible and easy to use.

Can I use different settings on individual posts or pages?

Absolutely. Just go to edit that post or page and you will see the the plugin widget on the right. You can customize the settings for that specific post or page.

What does "90-day cookie" mean exactly?

If your visitors click the "Add to cart" button that appears inside the the plugin results, they will go to an Amazon page that has the name of the product, its price and a "Continue" button. If they click it, the product will be added to their cart.

Once this happens, the "life" of your Amazon affiliate cookie will be extended from 24 hours to 90 days. This means that if the same person visits Amazon within 90 days and buys something (even a totally different product), you will get credit for it.

What exactly does the discount feature do?

A discount drop-down menu will appear in the search bar. Your visitors can specify a discount range that they want, and the bar will only show the products that have that discount. For example, (1-20%). People love special deals!

How will the plugin increase my Google traffic?

Google rewards sites that are "sticky" and that their visitors want to spend time on. Long "stay-time" is one of the best indications that the site is relevant to someone's interests. They are staying more, because they are probably finding some value in the site.

On the other hand, Google doesn't like sites with a high "bounce rate." If people come to your site and they leave after a couple of seconds, Google will think "this site is garbage - let's rank it a few thousand positions lower so that nobody finds it ;-)

This plugin will make your visitors want to stay more time on your site and interact with the search bar.

Is the plugin compliant with Amazon's TOS?

Yes, it is. All the content comes directly from the Amazon API. Plus, the proper price disclaimers required by Amazon are also displayed at the bottom of the bar's search results.