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An attention getting pre-headline works well here
to setup your main headline.  Just a couple of
lines - no more than half-way across...

"Put Your Benefit Oriented Main Headline Here.  Capitalize Each Word, and Maybe
Put It In Quotes"

Use a few sub-headlines to stress the
main benefits of your offer

Use a few sub-headlines to stress the
main benefits of your offer


Dear Friend:    (or targeted salutation)

Your opening paragraph needs to draw the reader into your page and hold their interest.  You could tell them the two or three major benefits they receive from reading this letter, or you could state a little known fact or ask a question that creates curiosity as to what you're about to reveal to them.

Hi, this is Firstname Lastname.

[ Introduce yourself.  What's your background and expertise?  Why should they listen to you?  Try to create credibility and establish yourself as an expert in this topic - but keep it to just a few short paragraphs]

Show Empathy - Identify With Their Problem

Here, let your reader know that you understand their problem and how it feels to have that problem, or to want to achieve a particular goal.  Build empathy with them by telling exactly how it feels to have that problem, or to want that goal.  

Don't just tell them you understand - show them by describing their actual feelings!

Emphasize that their problem could get a lot worse, or how their frustration will build if they don't do something about it.  Paint an ugly picture.


Introduce Possible Solutions (Especially Yours)

You can provide just one solution (yours), or provide them a few solutions and then do a comparison and show why yours is the best solution.

Make sure your reader understands that your solution is a quick and easy way to end their "pain" and frustration or to reach their goal.

Introduce Examples
(i.e. a Demo, Or Describe A Case Study)

Nothing sells like a little "hands-on".  This can be a demo of your product, or just a case study of how someone else has used your product.

Give your visitor an example of one of the techniques you reveal in your offer.  Stress how easy it is to implement the technique as well as the benefit your visitor will receive from using it.  One way to illustrate how easy your product is to use is to create a video showing how it works.  It'll remove some doubt about their own ability to benefit from your offer.

Another great way to give an example of your product in use is to tell a success story about one of your customers who used your product or service and how they benefited.


Introduce All The Benefits

Really pile it on.  After the headline, this is the most important section.  Use bullets, bolding, and italics to make this section stand out.  You want to make sure that even the "skimmers" will see this section and pause to read it.

  • This is NOT a list of the features.  Focus on the end results your customer receives from your product or service.  These are the real benefits

  • Benefits are the positive results your customer receives - keep in mind that your customer wants to know "What's in it for ME?"

  • Features are like specs or detailed descriptions of your product or service - they don't belong here

  • To help you define the benefits of your product, start off listing all of its features, and then under each "feature", list the benefit your customer will receive from that benefit

  • The best way to see how to do this is to look at sales letters others have written, that you know to have been successful.  Maybe a sales letter that convinced you to buy something

  • Then list those benefits as bullet items in your sales letter.  Alternating the font settings in your bullet items gives a little visual relief.  Always end your list with the next bullet - in bold font

  • And much, much more!


Introduce Your Testimonials
Here's What Others Say...

"Quote an important point verbatim right from the testimonial"...

This section is commonly known as "social proof".  Your visitor wants some reassurance that what you say is true.  You can say it 'till you're blue in the face, but that won't carry as much weight as someone else reaffirming what you've said.

They want to hear from other people who have benefited from using your product or service.

You want to create instant credibility with visitors who may have never heard of you before now.  Social Proof (testimonials) from satisfied customers is the most fool-proof way to do that!

"Again, use a snippet from the following testimonial"...

The 'horizontal line' (just above) works with the snippet from the testimonial to separate the testimonials from multiple people and to create a visual break between your testimonials.

Before you 'launch' a new product, you may want to have a few people 'review' it for you and ask them for their comments.  You can find these people from your own network of business associates, or just by asking on a popular forum.

Then, once you have a few customers, contact them and ask them for their comments, too.  Be sure to ask for permission to use them in your promotional materials.

Personalize your testimonials as much as possible by publishing as much information as possible about the person providing the testimonial.  Use their full name, city and state.  If you can get it, you might want to ask them for a photo of themselves and include it (re-size any head-shots to a consistent size) at the top left of their testimonial.

The more details you provide, the more credibility you will earn from your testimonials.


Now It's Time for... Your Irresistible Offer

If your visitor isn't ready to hear your offer at this point - they never will be.  The sub-headline above needs to be your most powerful one (you want it to grab the attention of the "page skimmers").

If you want this sales page to convert well, make the offer irresistible!  Make an offer that provides much more value than what you're asking them to spend.

If possible, build more value into your offer by including special bonuses, a no questions asked guarantee, free support, free upgrades, etc.

Spend a little time telling your customer why all these extras are valuable to them.  Just as you told them the benefits of your main product, make sure they understand the benefits they receive from everything else in your offer!

Give them pictures of the products, full descriptions or benefit bullet lists

Once You've Made Your Offer Irresistible...
The One Question On Their Mind,
Give Them A Reason For Making
Such A Great Offer

What's the catch?

In the last section you made an offer so good, that only a fool would pass it up - so now you have to answer this one last nagging question.

If your offer sounds too good to be true, tell them why you're able to offer them such a great deal.

You're over-stocked and need to clear space for new inventory, your supplier gave you a great price and you're passing the savings on to them, you worked a special deal with a supplier of some of your bonus items, or because your product is delivered as a digital download you have no printing costs to absorb ... whatever the reason, tell them.  Set their minds at ease.

Take Away Their Risk...

If you've failed to achieve the needed level of credibility in the sections above, now's the time to overcome their last fear of purchasing.

You have to reverse the risk of the transaction by taking on all the risk yourself.

Give your customer a...

100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked, and for the longest period possible.

Isn't that what you would want when making a purchase for yourself?  Wouldn't you want to know that if the product doesn't perform as advertised, that you can get your money back with absolutely NO hassle?

You should always be willing to refund money to someone who is not satisfied with your product or service.  Life's too short to have unhappy customers, and you don't need the bad press.  In fact, if you fully guarantee your product and you honor your guarantee, the word will get around.  Your credibility in your market will be all the better for it.

So promote your guarantee.  Use a nice big graphic.  Put the guarantee inside a box so no one can miss it.  Make it an integral part of your offer.

Warning - It's In Limited Supply...
Create Scarcity.  They'll Want It Even More.

If they're "on the fence", it's time to use another emotional trigger.

Fear of Loss!

Only 0 copies left at this price!

Besides convincing those that are almost ready to bite... Scarcity will also convince your visitors to take action NOW rather than later.  If you lose them NOW - you may never see them again.  Life is too full of distractions, too many things competing for your visitors' attention.

People will buy now, if they believe your offer is limited.

You can limit the number that you have available for sale, or limit the time that this offer will be available.  Maybe you plan a price increase in the near future.  Whatever you use to create scarcity, you must make your visitor afraid that if they don't take action NOW, they will miss out on this offer.

Tell Them Exactly How To Order Now

Here's your primary "Call to Action".  It's the whole reason you created this page, so be bold - and be thorough.  It's time to tell your visitor exactly what to do and how to do it.

Explain precisely the how, what and when of placing an order.

They've decided to buy, and now it's your job to make it easy for them to do just that. 

Don't confuse them, and don't put up any artificial barriers.

Take their payment in as many forms as you can.  By cash, check, or credit card.  Allow payment over the internet, by phone, by fax, or even by mail.

Let them order however they want, but let them order.

If you accept payment over the internet, the payment button below is often sufficient.  If you also accept payment by other means, give them a link to separate instruction pages for each method to explain to them how to do that.

Get Your Copy Now For Only

Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal



What Happens If They Don't Order Now?
Explain the Consequences

First, they're going to miss out on getting all the benefits that your product offers (detail the primary benefits again here).  They'll still have their same problem to solve, and it'll probably only get worse. 

In other words...
Remind them of their pain.

Then end on a positive note by giving them the way out with something like...

Go ahead and order right now.  I know you'll be happy you did.


(scanned image of your signature here)

Your Firstname Lastname


Get Your Copy Now For Only

Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal



P.S. Always restate your offer.  Discuss the major benefits and tell them to take action now.

P.P.S. Restate any scarcity factors and/or the pain they will continue to feel if they don't buy now.  Reemphasize your primary benefits and how those will eliminate their pain or frustration.


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