ATTENTION: WordPress website owners who want to save time on content creation....

"How to Quickly and Easily Upload Endless Posts and Pages to Your Website and Stop Wasting Time With Copy and Paste Jobs That Take Forever!"

From: Ken Sar
Re: Busy? Read this...

Dear Content Publisher,

It's no secret that the key to better search rankings, more traffic, and higher sales lies in having lots of content on your site.

Blog posts. Opinion pieces. Product reviews. How-to articles. The list goes on (and on and on).

And the more competition you have and the more sophisticated Google and other search engines become, the more content you will need. It's a good thing then, that...

You Long Ago Perfected Content Creation

As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you've already got systems in place to create the content your website needs to stay on top of the search results.

You set aside several days each month to do nothing but write. You hire writers to create some articles for you. You invite guest posts. You purchase private label content in your niche.

All of these are excellent ways to create a lot of content, but once that's done, you'll quickly discover...

Getting Massive Amounts of Content Into Your Site is a Huge Time Suck!

Think about it. You have to open a new post, copy the content from your text editor, paste it into your new post, select the category, select the schedule date and finally, click publish.

And then you start all over again for the next article. If you've got 10 or more posts to load, it could easily take an hour or more. Who has that kind of time?

Of course, you could pay a virtual assistant to do that for you, but now you're talking $25 or more just to post 10 articles. When you're watching your ROI, that's probably not a good investment.

And that's just for your personal blog. What if you run multiple sites, or content dependent affiliate sites? You'll spend all day every day just loading enough posts to keep those demanding sites ranking.

What if there were a fast, efficient method for loading all that content into your site easily? How much time would that save you?

Introducing Abundant Content Loader

With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can add content to your blog in record time. With a single click, upload hundreds of articles, schedule them for publication, set the categories and more.

If you publish a lot of content (and you should!) this plugin can easily save you several hours each month. Here's how it works:

  • Automatically creates both the content and the title - from a single .txt file!
  • One-click bulk settings let you set the author, category and more for every article you're loading.
  • Individual article settings allow for fine-tuning of your schedule.
  • Upload plain text files or HTML for total control.
  • Super simple installation right through your WordPress dashboard.
  • Simple auto-schedule setting lets you add content to your site over time - perfect for keeping Google happy!
  • Want more control? Set your uploaded articles to draft automatically and tweak them later.
  • Works with posts, pages and even custom post types!
  • Attribute uploaded articles to any blog author.
  • Review every article before scheduling, so you can be sure the author, category and post type is correct.
  • Confirmation screen shows exactly what you'll be publishing and when so you can be sure the schedule is correct.
  • After upload, it's easy to fine-tune the formatting, tags and other information by going to the "all posts" screen.

But perhaps best of all, Abundant Content Loader is super easy to install and use. Because it's designed for WordPress, it installs quickly right from your dashboard. Plus, there's ...

  • No complicated settings to configure.
  • No limit to the number of articles you can upload.
  • No mind-numbing copy and paste required!

There's No Escaping the Need for Content

No matter what niche or market you're in, there's no way to avoid content creation. Google demands it. Your audience is looking for it. Your sales process depends on it.

But that doesn't mean you have to waste time with old-fashioned copy/paste methods to get all that content onto your site. It's time to automate the process so you can get on with more important business building activities.

Abundant Content Loader saves you time and makes your job as a content marketer easy. And best of all, your purchase is backed by my...

Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try the Abundant Content Loader for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund right away. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

Even if you have a virtual assistant to help you load your content, you need Abundant Content Loader. After all, what would you rather pay her to do - copy and paste a hundred articles, or tasks that actually make you money?

Download your copy of Abundant Content Loader today, and enjoy the time freedom it gives you!

Get Instant Access Now

Yes! I need this! I've got my content creation process down pat, but getting those articles into my site is a huge waste of time. With Abundant Content Loader, I can easily cut my workload by 80% or more!

I understand I'll get:

  • The easy-to-install plugin that I can upload right from my dashboard.
  • The ability to upload hundreds of articles at a time, in either plain text or html format.
  • The option to schedule my articles to post at the times that I choose, so my site always has fresh content.

Plus, I can free up my virtual assistant for more important tasks....

Only $9.97


Ken Sar

P.S. A site without fresh content will soon be ignored by Google and your audience. Abundant Content Loader helps ensure there's always something new on your site - even if you haven't logged in for a month or more.

P.P.S. Your purchase is 100% risk free. If Abundant Content Loader doesn't make the job of adding content to your site easier, simply email me for a full refund.


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