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Learn the secret nobody is telling you about networked sites and How to install and set it all up with ease from within cPanel.

You have heard of Niche Web Sites right? Well of course you have, but did you know that the best content sites are a collection of Niches within Niches? Think about all the great content sites, even sites like Its a HUGE resource, but at its heart it is a collection of content from many contributors.

Imagine having control over a niche empire that had different looking blogs about a broad niche, but all niches within the network were different? Confused?

Let me give you an example.

You are a mad raving Car Fan and you would love to run a car niche web site. The trouble is there are sooo many niches within this niche, it could easily get out of hand, and you may begin to wonder where you put what content.

You may be mad about Classics, Drag Cars, Formula One, Collectibles, even Vintage Cars. Trying to squeeze them onto one site may be a little insane, the niches are just too big to be pushed together.

This is where a Network or Multisite set up would work really well. You could have a domain, such as and then using a Multisite set up, you could either employ a subdomain arrangement and the sites would each look like this:


Or, if you prefer, you could use the file or folder set up, then your sites would be like this:


The awesome thing about multisite blogs, is that you can set up the collection of blogs, and then have others write the content in each niche. They benefit from being the main contributor of a niche and the use of the traffic from the individual blog and the recognition for being the authority, but you in turn build an authority site in a collection of niches within a major niche.

You decide how you build, control and sell your empire for profit, its all in your hands. At the very least you can just build a collection of niches to build authority or a brand and control all the blogs you make from one central control panel within your first and main Wordpress Installation.

Imagine the hassle and time you save only worrying about one Wordpress install on your site rather than tens, even hundreds to manage individually.


Learn the secret nobody is telling you about networked sites. How to install and set it all up with ease from within cPanel. Our video tutorials walk you through the whole set up process from install of the main wp blog, through to the files you edit with ease.

You could set up a new blog installation for every niche if you wanted to, but why would you when you can do it all from one installation using WP Multisite.

The cool part is you can allow others to contribute giving them access to their own niche within the niche. This will build content and help each provider to get traffic - VERY POWERFUL.

Inside You will Discover

How to allow network access to themes and plugins

How to allow users to register for blogs

Setting up the Welcome emails for setting up new blogs and new users

Customizing First page settings

Limiting media uploads and upload space for networked blog accounts

Enable users to administer plugins on their site(s)

and more...

Gain access to a walkthrough about setting up new sites in your blog network, and how to administer your site(s)

Choose Your Option Below:

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You are safe and sound with my personal Guarantee on your purchase today. You can even download at anytime of the day or night in the comfort of your own home and begin watching these videos.

If you want to get started putting up Niche Network Blogs using WP Multisite, then grab this video tutorial now and thanks me later,

All the best

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