Dear WoW Player,

Do you have as much gold as you want? Do you have all of the mounts, items, mats, recipes, and other stuff you want in the game? Are you happy with the amount of gold you make? Do you have tons of epic gear and

If you said no, you're not alone! Every day in trade you see people begging for gold. Sometimes they're lowbies, but a lot of the time these people are level 60, 70, even 85! Yes, there are actually level 85 players who have to BEG for gold to repair their gear or even hop on a taxi!

Making gold in World of Warcraft is DEAD SIMPLE, yet most people DON'T have enough gold to buy the things they want to buy! Why not? Well, it's simple. They just don't know how!

But believe me - it's incredibly easy! I only play 5-6 hours per week, but I can easily make 20,000 gold every week.

You don't have to buy gold and risk your account. You don't have to be in a high-end raiding guild. (I've never been in one!) And you certainly don't need to play 16 hours a day!

Just take a look at the gold ONE of my alts has:

Yes, that's over 47,000 gold! This alt is just one of many with that kind of money! (And that was before Cataclysm! My alts have MUCH more, now!)

What could you do if you had 47,319 gold? You could:

Buy an epic flying mount for several toons...
Buy a Mekgineer's Chopper...
Get a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth...
Fund crafting professions for ALL of your toons...
And you'd still have gold left to play around!

You'd be the envy of every player you know. Your whole guild would think you were totally cool. You'd never get turned down for raids because your gear was crappy. In short, you'd be a WARCRAFT GOD! (Or goddess!)

You *Don't* Have to Play 16 Hours a Day to Get Rich!

Look, I'll give it to you straight. I'm a girl who is VERY busy. I don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like. In fact, I only get to play about 6 hours a week most weeks. I might get to play 10 hours a week if I'm lucky. Once a month I spend a few extra hours on the weekend. All in all I probably average less than 30 hours a month in the game!

Yet I still have THOUSANDS of gold, epic flying mounts on multiple toons, tons of killer gear, and plenty of gold to throw around. I probably give away more gold to beggars in a month than many players make!

If I had more time to play, I could absolutely own my server. I already control a substantial portion of the auctions on my server. I practically dominate several items on the auction house, and other players just can't compete. And I do it in just a few hours a week.

Imagine what you could do if you played more than 10 hours a week...

You Can Learn The Secrets To Making MASSIVE Gold FAST!

There are TONS of gold guides out there, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Most of them rehash the same information over and over. If you've read one guide, you've pretty much read them all... until now.

I wrote every word of this guide myself, without looking at anyone else's guide. Sure, I've checked out the other guides. I wanted to make sure mine included the same information their did and then some.

I was actually really shocked by how BAD some of the other guides were! Most of them only included basic information that you could find for FREE on the official Warcraft forms, and some of them were terribly outdated. A couple of them didn't even have information from Burning Crusade, much less Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm!

There were a couple of guides that were pretty decent, I admit. There wasn't a single bit of information that I didn't already know, but I could see how they would be helpful to newer players. But I knew mine was better...

World of Warcraft is my passion. If I had the time, I'd be playing 20 hours a day and barely sleeping! (In fact, that's exactly what I do when I'm on vacation!) You can tell that a lot of those other guides were written by people who don't even PLAY the game. They just copied other guides or picked up information by researching on the forums.

I'm a player. I love the game dearly, and I strive to keep improving and improving. I spend my time in the game researching, learning, and working my butt off to get better and make MORE GOLD!

And I'm willing to share my secrets with you so you don't have to struggle the way so many other players do!

Warcraft Rockstar is THE guide for learning how to make THOUSANDS of gold in World of Warcraft!

The methods REALLY work, and you don't have to spend every minute of the day in the game to make TONS of gold!

Trust me... if I can do it playing 6-10 hours a week, ANYONE can do it! Grab your copy NOW!


Look At Some Of The Secrets Inside Warcraft Rockstar...

The best ways to make a ton of gold fast, without spending hours and hours a day and without using any hacks or exploits.
The TWO things you MUST have to make TONS of gold, and without these things you're going to make gold much slower than you can if you have it.
A secret way to make 200g an hour, just for running though low-level instances that you can breeze through in no time flat!
Power auction house tricks that can make you rich, and leave the competition in your dust as they scratch their heads, wondering why THEIR stuff didn't sell!
The tricky way to get extra space for your items, without spending a fortune on bags, bank slots, or a guild bank.

And that's only the beginning!

A lot of gold sellers are REALLY pissed at me for revealing this information. Since I wrote Warcraft Rockstar, I've found out that the tactics I use are some of the same tactics they use to make gold to sell. Of course, they're really pissed off that I'm telling people how to make their own gold! The more you make, the less they sell!

But buying gold is against the rules. You spend hundreds of hours leveling your characters and making them the best they can be. You don't want to risk losing your account... do you?

Besides, gold sellers charge an arm and a leg for gold. That's outrageous! Not to mention you could get banned for buying gold!

But I can teach you to make enough money to buy an epic flying mount in just a day or two! For just $10.00, you can learn how to make as much gold in ONE DAY as a gold seller would charge you $300 for!

Are you ready to start raking in MOUNTAINS of Warcraft Gold?

Grab your copy of Warcraft Rockstar now for just $10.00!

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To Your Success,

Ken Sar

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