Who Else Wants To Fatten Their Wallet
With The Brand-New
Triple-Niche Cashflow Site?

"Cross-Selling related products is as old as it is successful. Every major corporation does it."
-- Bank of America

Dear Home Business Owner,

I'm pleased to introduce you to a new type of niche website that can boost your cashflow. It's called the Triple-Niche™ Cashflow Site. The concept is simple. I take one main niche and add two related niches that may interest your reader. Then they are more likely to return to your site plus create cashflow for you.

And even better ...

The Triple-Niche™ Cashflow Site WORKS! Think about it. How many times have you visited a website with a specific intention only to find yourself quickly viewing something else? Do you know why? It's because the links and pictures next to your article are directly related to what you're reading. Then you click on the link and -- voila! -- you're now reading something different.

Did you notice the money-maker there? You clicked on a link! With a Triple-Niche™ Cashflow Site, you can get paid when someone clicks on a link from your new website -- or buys a product at the merchant's landing page (even if they return at a later date).

In fact, you have multiple opportunities on every page to get paid from the Top Trusted Brands online...

  • Amazon: get paid to 15% from every sale
  • Google: get paid $20.00 - $110.00 for every one hundred ad clicks
  • Clickbank: get paid $8.71 - $25.69 for every sale
  • Easily make to $1,500/month or more with little effort, order now

But That's Not All...

Your new Triple-Niche™ Cashflow Site includes these features:
  • Easy navigation with all articles and product links on the left sidebar
  • Clean, pleasant design
  • All product links takes your visitor to the product with your affiliate ID embedded in the link
  • Money-Making AdSense text ads on the top and bottom of each article page
  • AdSense links on the side of every page
  • Amazon links on the side of every page
  • Clickbank product and search engine on the side of every page
  • RSS Headlines Feed displays regularly updated news automatically below each article to please the search engines
  • Social Bookmarking on every page for your visitors to refer your website to their sphere of influence
  • Free Quick Marketing Guide
  • Quick & Easy Installation Guide
  • Just edit the affiliate ID's and upload. That's it! But...

Don't take my word for it. Check out the Demo Site

Order Now!

Not $97

Not even $67

Only $47, May be?

Before you purchase, just want to make sure you know the minimum requirement needed to have this site installed

Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements...

* Unzipping software and know how to use it
* Web hosting account for PHP 4-5 - no database required
* Ability to edit config file using NotePad or text editor
* Experience uploading files via FTP or web-based
* Installation optionally available in instruction manual

Choose Your Options:

Option #1: Personal Use License

Only $9.95


Option #2: Master Resale Right License

Only $17.95

Master Resell Rights License Summary...

[YES] Includes Transferrable Master Rights
[YES] Resell Product To Others For Personal Use, min $9.95
[YES] Sell Resell Rights To Others
[YES] Sell on auction sites, marketplaces

[NO] Include As A Bonus To Paid Product
[NO] Include In Paid or Free Membership Sites
[NO] Give Away for Free
[NO] Sell less than $17.95 w/MRR
[NO] Sell on Warrior Forum

Best Regards,

Ken Sar

PS. Note: you will have 30 days money back guaranteed on your purchase.

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