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Dear friend,

Imagine having a completely automated system that cranks out $27-$127 Clickbank commissions 24 hours a day without you ever having to lift a finger!

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not. Because that’s what happens when you tap into a million dollar market with a sales funnel that gives them exactly what they want!

If you’ve been looking for a real working method to make money on autopilot, I’ve got some great news for you, your search is over…

I’m offering you the unique opportunity to take my most successful Clickbank sales funnel and use it as your own.

The funnel has been tested, tweaked, re­tested and “re­tweaked” to ensure that anyone who uses it will achieve the best possible results, just like I have. All you need to provide is hosting and a domain name and you can be set up to start making money in as little as 20-­30 minutes.

Simply copy and paste our done for you funnel, replace our affiliate links with yours and voila, your business is up and running!

Don’t be fooled by the other ‘push button’ money solutions…

This really is the most simple, working, ready to earn ‘business in a box’ solution that you’re going to find. Never before have I seen a business that can be set up so quickly, with so little work on your part.

The truth is, the Make Money Online marketplace is flooded with ‘push button’ money solutions, and for the best part, they don’t work as claimed.

99% of software solutions only do one step for you, such as creating a squeeze page or rewriting articles automatically.

And while some of the squeeze pages they create can be exceptional, on it’s own, a good squeeze page will not make you any money…

Something that the product creators conveniently ‘forget’ to tell you about…

When you begin using ‘push button’ software, you’ll usually find that there’s a ton more work involved than you expected.

Things like manually split testing a bunch of automatically generated squeeze pages… or Proofreading automatically rewritten articles to ensure that they don’t read like crap!

And the ‘push button money’ solution that you bought to save you time, actually takes just as long as creating everything from scratch.

However, this funnel is the closest thing
to ‘push button money’ that you can
find online!

Introducing Steal My Funnel 1.5…

Steal My Funnel is a fully functional, ready to earn, sales funnel that I’ve successfully used to build my subscriber list and make Clickbank affiliate commissions over and over again…

This funnel is geared towards promoting WordPress Plugins which are in huge demand from both Internet Marketers and WordPress Webmasters in a variety of different niches.

With over 72 million WordPress websites in the world and growing, this niche is one of the best to get into, point blank.

Demand for plugins is increasing at such a rate that the chance of saturation in this niche is almost non existent and competition isn’t to be worried about.

Here’s what you’re getting…

But you’re probably wondering… If this is working so well, why am I selling it?

It’s because it’s working so well that I’ve decided to pass the right on to you.

The demand for this information is so high that you being a competitor doesn’t bother me. There’s more than enough room for you, me and many others and we can all make money.

I want you to become a lifetime customer of mine and I’m able to do that by providing you with high value solutions that work. ‘Steal My Funnel’ is exactly that.

Before I tell you the price of this funnel, which might pleasantly surprise you, let me make a few price comparisons…

If you outsourced all of the work included in this package, it’d cost you somewhere in the region of $1000 to get everything done.

It’s hard to put a value on the amount of time that I’ve spent testing and tweaking this funnel so that it delivers the optimum number of subscribers and commissions, but if my time was worth a very modest $50 per hour, we’d still be talking about thousands of dollars.

With that in mind, I could easily charge you $500 for this package. It’s worth far more than that and I know that you’ll successful with it.

But, as I mentioned earlier, I want to provide you with huge value. So rather than just making this package affordable, I want to make it flat out cheap

So cheap that after you’ve set everything up and start making money, that you’ll probably tell me that I’ve lost my mind selling it at this price.

But you’ll be a satisfied customer and that’s my main goal.

So I’m not going to charge $500…

If you take action today, you can receive instant access to ‘Steal My Funnel’ for only $47.00.

First 15 Customers Special!

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But act quickly, I reserve the right to raise the price or shut this offer down completely without notice. The only way to ensure that you get this ready to earn sales funnel at the best possible price is to hit the buy button below right now.

By the way, I stand behind this offer 100%.

In fact, I know that you’re going to love the results this funnel produces for you. So here’s my guarantee to you…

Give the funnel a try for a full month, if it doesn’t exceed your expectations, send me an email and I’ll return your investment back in full.

To your success,

Ken Sar

P.S.: When you see how well a funnel like this works, you’ll probably want to set up more funnels in other niches. You’re more than welcome to use the squeeze page, templates and strategy from ‘Steal My Funnel’ for any other personal projects that you’re working on.

P.P.S.: Based on the average affiliate commission payment from the plugins that you’re going to be promoting in this funnel, you’ll only need one affiliate sale to make your money back and a second to be in profit. Which means that you can be in profit from your first customer if they buy a front end product and an upsell too. Unless you buy this and do absolutely nothing with it, it’s practically impossible for you to fail to make money.


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