If you’ve ever read through any of the review site products such as Google Sniper by George Brown or Profit Storm by fellow warrior Andrew MacLeod, then you’ll know that personal review sites can earn a SERIOUS amount of cash each and every month.

But that’s where many people simply give up. It’s incredibly hard to find a WordPress theme to match your niche.

The problem is that different niches are just so…..well, different and it’s almost impossible to find one theme that suits them all, cuts down your workload, saves you time and increases your conversion rates too!

Think about how your requirements change with every niche:

Sometimes you might want to have just a headline up there, but other times you may need a nice header graphic to increase ‘connection’ with your visitors.

And you probably already know that by adding a photo of yourself and describing how a particular product has helped you, GREATLY increases sales too.

There’s no disputing the fact that people connect with people, and turning your site from a normal content site to a review site can push your conversion rate higher than you’d believe.

But maybe you don’t want to add your own photo? Maybe you also aren’t comfortable with “borrowing” images from Google in fear of being sued.

Well, we have solved all those issues for you!

Well here’s our custom coded, ready to go, plug and play, fully customizable and specially built for ‘snipers’ review theme.



The Sniper Theme comes packed with all the features you need to make professional looking, high-converting personal review blogs!

Here are just some of the main features:

  • Upload Your Own Header Image - Ability to add your own header image or simply leave the <H1> title instead. (Makes it fully customizable for ANY niche) 
  • Custom WordPress Menu - In built custom WordPress menu which can even be turned off if you choose.
  • 20 Personas To Choose From - Complete with 20 built in photos you can use for your personal review blogs. There’s a variety of young and old and ethnic groups, so you’re sure to find one to match your niche. (Increase your conversions instantly by adding one of our ready-made ‘personas’ to your site)
  • Built in Optin Form Widget - Just add your title and subtitle, paste in your form code and you have a nice looking opt-in box in your sidebar with a call to action arrow.
  • Various Colour Schemes - Comes with 5 different colour schemes to choose from (red, grey, green, blue and orange).
  • iPhone Compatible – The theme is specially coded to appear perfectly on an iPhone so you won’t lose any sales from mobile browsers.

If you're not using personal review sites you're missing out on a BIG source of income, because put simply....THEY WORK!


Place your order right now and you will get Developer License to this Sniper Theme as well!

What you can do with Developer License?
[YES] Can be used on an unlimited amount of blogs you personally own
[YES] Can be used on a site and then sold
[YES] Can use the theme on client blogs

Today Special: $9.95

Best Regards,

Ken Sar 

P.S. You already know people connect with people, and using personal review sites is one of the best ways to monetize this fact!

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