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Dear Friend,

In a moment, I'm going to share with you about the story of a SECRET notebook that has been my best internet marketing companion for the past four years.

Now why should you listen to me?

Because you're about to get over $10,000 worth of internet marketing MISTAKES that I've committed over the past 4 years of marketing online WITHOUT having to spend anywhere near $10,000 yourself!

Do You Suffer From These Experiences?

  • You are afraid of making mistakes because of fear of rejection and failure

  • You constantly avoid situations where you might make mistakes or end up suffering a setback

  • You equate mistakes as failures and view them both together as a catastrophic experience

  • You often hold back on doing the things you know that will actually bring you huge success because you're always trying to avoid mistakes & failures.

I know how it feels, it's human nature and everyone goes through that i'm sure...

But however, this could be the single most CRIPPLING thing that holds you back from achieving much more success in your life!

And the truth is, if you're NOT making mistakes, it simply means you're NOT trying hard enough...

As Winston Churchill says “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.”

But I beg to differ... Why? 

Because I feel the truly wise men will not only learn from their own mistakes but they will also learn from the mistakes of OTHERS too. ..

So here's the reason why I've always paid CLOSE attention whenever someone is willing to share their mistakes and that's why YOU ought to as well...

Now wouldn't it be COOL if you could actually learn from the biggest Internet marketing mistakes without having to go through the heartaches and pains and even financial losses YOURSELF?

If you answered "YES!", then you're in for a REAL treat today...

Here's How MY Secret Notebook Will Rescue You!

So let me bring u back to the story of my secret notebook... 

See years ago, I was enlightened by one of my mentors when he shared with me why it's ALRIGHT to make mistakes... 

And he even encouraged me to jot down ALL my mistakes whenever I commit one in this notebook so I will not commit them again in future.

And over these four and a half years of marketing online, I've committed a TON of mistakes which I've always secretly jotted all of them down and I've also took down all the mistakes which I see other people commit.

Bear in mind, this notebook now contains OVER 189 PAINSTAKING MISTAKES that are a result of experiencing countless failures and setbacks as well as huge financial losses.

So wouldn't you agree that this is a pure goldmine?

Without a doubt, this is one of my MOST VALUABLE possessions in my ENTIRE business....

For a long time, I've never ever shared this with anyone else...

Until it suddenly struck me that there could be hundreds and thousands of marketers out there like you who could actually benefit TREMENDOUSLY from this...

So after careful consideration, I have finally decided to make my precious notebook available to the public for the very first time.


IM Mistakes Notebook Video Course

Here's a SNEAK PEEK of what you'll learn inside each of the 13 AWESOME videos:

Video 1 - Mindset Mistakes

  • Discover the 20 STINKING mindset mistakes that is ROBBING you of the HUGE success you so desire

  • Find out why you could be setting up yourself for massive DISAPPOINTMENT & FAILURE even BEFORE you start marketing online!

  • Watch me reveal the ONE sentence I picked up from this MULTI-MILLIONAIRE which TRIPLED the profits I made from my business this year (this ONE sentence alone is worth TEN TIMES the price of this course!!)

  • The difference between being an opportunity seeker and a business builder and what you must do to create MASSIVE & sustainable wealth online!

Video 2 - List Building Mistakes 

  • Discover the 17 self-sabotaging mistakes that is preventing you from generating a HUGE & RESPONSIVE subscribers list like ours!

  • The BIGGEST mistake I made when I first started building a list and how it cost me THOUSANDS in lost profits

  • How a MISLEADING piece of advice resulted in a massive 30% DROP in subscribers (and how I miraculously fixed this mistake FOREVER with this ONE tweak)

  • Why giving away free reports can actually harm your sales and what's the BEST form of free content to put out that will convert freebie seekers into RAVING BUYERS!

Video 3 – SEO & Link Building Mistakes

  • The 14 FOOLISH mistakes which is THROWING your time & money away in your link building campaigns

  • The biggest myths about link relevancy and outbound links. This alone will save you hundreds of hours in wasted time, energy and frustration!

  • Why the fact that you're listening to STUPID advice without proof is STOPPING you from getting top Google rankings (I'll even show you how to listen directly from Google!)

Video 4 – Copywriting Mistakes

  • The ONE part which most people fail at when it comes to writing sales copies which cause their visitors to PROCRASTINATE and never ever come back!

  • Discover one FATAL mistake that is directly causing you to leak sales every single day!

  • The simple mistake which is making writing sales copies such a challenge for you (and why you must start keeping a _______ ______!)

Video 5 - PLR Products Mistakes

  • Why most people fail to make a single cent from their GIGABYTES worth of PLR content while we've made over $300K in the past 2 years buying & selling PLR products!

  • The STUPID mistake that most people make that drives their customers away to their competitors' sites!

  • Why turning your back on unrestricted PLR could turn out to be your most COSTLY mistake ever!

Video 6 – Product Creation Mistakes

  • Why you're not being a TRUE entrepreneur and how this one lazy shortcut will solves all your product creation headaches!

  • The ONE mistake that is restricting you from generating multiple streams of income (and how this ONE tweak will DOUBLE your profits at least!)

  • Why being a PERFECTIONIST will cost you DEARLY and how the truth will set you FREE!

Video 7 – Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

  • 14 reasons why you're struggling to even make a single dime in affiliate marketing while the true super affiliates are raking in over $10,000 for EVERY single affiliate product they promote!

  • The ONE major mistake that 95% of all affiliate marketers commits that prevents them from MAKING MONEY even if the product they promotes flops!

  • Why being an "obedient" affiliate is actually costing you MONEY and what is the one change you need to make in order to ensure people even sees your promotion!

Video 8 – Traffic Generation Mistakes

  • How you can have a 100% drop in income in a blink of an eye when you commit this HIGHLY DANGEROUS traffic mistake!

  • The ONE mistake that will cost you to lose THOUSANDS of dollars when you buy traffic

  • Discover why even if you have a TORRENT of visitors, you might end up not making a single cent at all (I bet 80% of all internet marketers do NOT even know this!)

Video 9 – Blogging Mistakes

  • The reason why NOBODY bothers to read your blog posts even if you're a darn good writer (or so you think!)

  • The ONE BIG mistake that will cost you to have your ENTIRE blog WIPED OUT overnight!

  • Why NOBODY ever leaves a comment on your blog and how you can fix that INSTANTLY!

Video 10 – Product Launch Mistakes

  • 17 COSTLY product launch mistakes which has cost us TENS of THOUSANDS of profits and how you can save yourself the same amount!

  • Why you should NOT over rely on running Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) if you really want to build a SUSTAINBLE business (and how you are missing out on the other 90% of the industry!)

  • The one mistake we made that resulted in us having to delay our recent launch by 3 hours and losing out in potential THOUSANDS of dollars in sales!

  • How I fixed this one BIG mistake that resulted in us capturing over 15% of our exit traffic from our product launches!

Video 11 – Affiliate & JV Requests Mistakes

  • 10 REASONS why you get snubbed almost every single time you send out a JV request!

  • The NUMBER ONE mistake that causes your JV invites to go into the spam box (and how this ONE tweak will change this FOREVER!)

  • Why you're forcing other people to say "NO" to your requests by commiting this stupid error!

Video 12 – Membership Site Mistakes

  • 11 IGNORANT mistakes you could make to SCREW up your membership site!

  • Why having the ability to charge your members a fee INDEFINITELY may not be a good thing (and how this one change could skyrocket retention rates!)

  • Why most people do not remain subscribed to membership sites for long and find out how you can avoid this by offering ________ ___________!

Video 13 – Social Media Marketing Mistakes

  • 12 STUPID MISTAKES most people make that cause them to be labelled as a social SPAMMER instead of a social media mogul!

  • How you could be putting your relationships with other social site members on the line by using automated softwares

  • The biggest No-Nos that 80% of all internet marketers are committing that is costing them their Facebook fans


I'm so confident this will work for you that I'm willing to make the following guarantee...

If you do not feel like you've received over TEN times the value for the price you paid for this course, we don't want your money.

If for ANY reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us ANYTIME and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

But That's Not All! 

Look. I really want you to get your hands on  IM Mistakes Notebook because I know how it can help save you the pain and misery I had to go through. The best way for me to make your decision an easier one today is by making it worth your time and investment. So you also get the bonus of:

PDF Versions of The Powerpoint Slides 
For All The Training Videos! ($47 Value!)

  • This is meant for those who don't wish to wade through the entire video to get the full picture. These will go hand in hand with your training videos as you can use it for reference while you watch the videos
  • Wish to refer to a certain resource or tip we mention in the videos? Simply refer to the PDF file for the video and you don't have to watch the entire video again!
  • You should even print these PDFs out and take down notes on them while you watch and learn!

When you take a look at what you'll be getting altogether, you can see how easy it will be for me to ask for $97. 

But I like to over-deliver. It's good for my reputation. That's why I've decided to keep it at just  $9.95.

Get your copy today!

Only $9.95


To Your Success,

Calvin/Patricia and Ken Sar

P.S. You've got absolutely nothing to lose! With my 60 day money back guarantee, this investment is completely risk-free! And when you consider the bonuses that come along, it's a no-brainer! So get it now while the copies run out!


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