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The Complete, Step-by-Step Course On How
To Make $3000 A Month From Fanpages!

From The Desk Of: Ken Sar
Re: How to Make Money From Facebook Fanpages

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

My most long-awaited, most anticipated course on how to make money from Fanpages is finally released. This one is a BEAST!

I am finally sharing my ruthless, underground
Fanpage money-making strategies that will blow
you away and leave you stunned!

Fanpage Dollars 2 is a complete, step-by-step FULL Course (including BONUS PDFs and templates/Videos) on how to make money from Facebook Fanpages..

I am sure you have experimented with Fanpages and have created Fanpages. You might have had some traffic or made a few cents or a few dollars but ask yourself the question.

"Have I really made money from Facebook Fanpages?"

Have I been wasting my time?

Is there a complete course that can take me from the hand and show me how it is done??

The Answer is YES!!!!!

Finally, No more junk and no more B.S Secrets that these "so called" gurus aim to teach you!

I have finally unlocked the "secrets" of making money from Facebook Fanpages and driving hoards of targeted, traffic to your websites...!

With Fanpage Dollars 2 you can virtually dominate ANY NICHE, in ANY Market and unlock the brutal sheer power of Facebook Fans....

Want some proof as to how powerful my course is?


As you can see, As you can see, over 7000+ people have joined this Fanpage in a short space of time. This is a celebrity Fanpage. How did I generate all that traffic? By Fluke? No!

You see inside the Fanpage Dollars 2 course I show you the exact strategy I used to increase fans to this fanpage. I take you from the start to the finish line, and virtually show you what you need to do.

Inside Fanpage Dollars 2 there is a hidden traffic GEM method I am using, consistently to make money fromCPA/CLICKBANK and get thousands and thousands of Fans joining my Fanpages...

Here are stats from my last Facebook Campaigns as to how responsive my strategies are...

Here are stats from my last Facebook Campaigns as to how responsive my strategies are...

This is just ONE Campaign I set up spending no more than £10-£20

In this course I virtually show you everything I do to make money from Facebook Fanpages!

No B.S. No over hyped claims. 
This product is the real deal. 
I can guarantee that!!


Fanpage Dollars 2 contains the following...


A Step-by-Step Detailed 93 paged guide that shows you everything from A-Z On how to make money from Facebook Fanpages...and all my hidden traffic generation methods of getting thousands and thousands, of targeted fans in no time...
BONUS PDF 1 - How to sell a product entirely on your Facebook Fanpage..
BONUS PDF 2 - How to make funny "viral" Fanpages in no time!
Welcome Landing Pages - 3 Reveal Tab Pages Niches – E-Cigarette, Weight Loss & Ipad (With Instructions) Preview (See Below).
  (The following 3 Landing Pages use the "Reveal Tab" Function, i.e. content will be blurred).


Weight Loss


And 3-NON-Reveal Tab Landing Pages (With Autoresponder Mechanism) 



Weight Loss

Weight Loss



PLUS - A Welcome "editing" Page Script.

This script will allow you to edit pages, add content and change the layout of your Facebook welcome page. It is a must have script.

PLUS - 8 Complimentary, Step-by-Step Videos:

Video 1 - How to get 500+ Fans A Day, My Ultimate PPC Fanpage Strategy Exposed!

Video 2 - How to outsource to the Philippines and get more fans!

Video 3 - How to make money from your Fanpages through CPA/Clickbank

Video 4 - How to use Fiverr Gigs to get more Fans to your Fanpage

Video 5 - How to interact with your Fans And Make More Money!

Video 6 - How to make money from Welcome Pages

Video 7 - SEO and Fanpages

Video 8 - How to Sell Fanpages Offline!

Grab This Package Right Now While It's
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Grab The Whole Package Today For
One Crazy Low Price Of $10.00

With Private Label Rights!

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To Your Success,
Ken Sar

P.S. Remember, if you're unhappy for any reason or you just don't like my product within 30 days, I'll give you all of your money back, Guaranteed!

P.S. This product is limited. Don't miss out on your chance to unlock the fanpage secrets.


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