ATTENTION: WordPress website owners who offer free or paid products and reports....

"Cut Down On Support Tickets And Make Downloading
Your Free Reports And Products Easier And More Convenient Than Ever Before!"

From: Ken Sar
Re: New plugin makes it easier to consume your content

Dear Fellow Website Owner,

Do your readers download free or paid content from your blog?

If you're like 99% of website owners, the answer is a clear "Yes!"

Here's something else you have in common with all those other site owners though: Most readers who download your reports and products do not read--or even look at--them.

Now, there are plenty of reasons for that, but one of the biggest is that your readers either don't remember where the download went, or they can't find it among the hundreds--or thousands--of other files that get automatically added to the "downloads" folder every month.

Now, you might be asking yourself why this is even your concern. After all...

Why Should You Care
If They Read That Free Report?

On the surface, this is a valid question. It's not really your job to ensure visitors can find and read your report, or listen to your audio course, or use the graphics you sell. It's not your responsibility to make sure they understand how to file your product where they can find it again later.

But think about what can happen if you don't worry about those things.

  • You'll waste time re-sending files that have been lost--or you'll pay your customer support person to do it.
  • Your customers--rather than being frustrated with their inability to find the file--will blame you for the missing information.
  • You'll miss out on potential sales of affiliate products you're promoting in that free report.

But even if we put all that aside, there's a bigger reason you really want your visitors to consume your content:

We Buy From Those We
Know, Like, And Trust

And how is that trust established?

It starts with the quality of information you provide. They'll find that on your blog, in your social media updates, in the emails you send, on your YouTube channel, and in a host of other areas.

Trust is also earned when your customer has a positive user experience--whether she's downloading a free checklist or a paid product, she expects the process to be smooth and easy. And a download that's lost in the deep recesses of her hard drive is neither.

Never mind the fact that you have no control over where her files are saved.

Now you no doubt have the information part down. You share rock-solid tips and advice, create products and programs that overdeliver and truly help your customers with the issues they face.

But you may be asking yourself...

"How Can I Help My Readers And Customers Have A Positive Experience
When They Purchase Or
Download My Products?"

Truthfully, you have several options. Perhaps you've even tried some of them.

  • Shopping carts that promise to deliver your content via email...and don't.
  • Expensive membership sites that force readers to log in just to download that free report.
  • Email managers that allow you to attach files...and which get promptly dumped in the 'spam' folder.
  • Big ugly instructions to "Right-click and save file as..." or "Save the file somewhere you'll remember..." -- and we all know no-one reads them.

It's pretty easy to see that while each of those options has its place, none of them create a better user experience--the very foundation of our "know, like, and trust" goal.

There's got to be a way to help your readers without further complicating their lives.


Cloud Save It Improves
Customer Experience And
Leaves Your Readers With A
Positive Impression Of
You And Your Business

With this one simple WordPress plugin, you can instantly gain credibility and turn readers into raving fans, just by saving them time and making the download process easier.

The idea is simple: Give readers a way to automatically download your product right into their cloud storage solution of choice. No browsing for the right folder. No wondering later where the file was saved. No contacting support later for a replacement.

Just a one-click download to either Dropbox or Google Drive, so she'll know exactly where the file is. Even better, she'll be able to access it from anywhere.

And it's all so simple to use, you'll wonder why no one's created this plugin before now!

Give Your Readers Better Options With This Easy-To-Install And Configure Plugin

Cloud Save It offers a complete solution with...

  • Fast, simple installation - just upload right through your WordPress dashboard and you'll be running in no time
  • Quick Dropbox integration - easy-to-follow instructions let you create the required key - no experience necessary!
  • Single-page settings ensures super fast setup - even if you're a complete technophobe!
  • Amazon S3 integration even lets you store your downloads securely on their servers.
  • Offer customers the choice to instantly save files to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Create links right in your WordPress editor for maximum convenience.
  • Shortcode commands mean you never have to fiddle with cryptic javascript or other unreadable code.
  • Create download links from any server - your website host, Amazon, or any other file server you have access to.
  • Protect your Amazon files to help prevent unauthorized downloads - perfect to prevent sharing of links for paid products!

There's simply no easier way to ensure your visitors can both find and consume your content after downloading it. And the truth is, if you get this right, you'll be well on your way to establishing that all important "know, like, and trust" factor.

But if you're still not convinced that Cloud Save It will save you hours of frustration and loads of lost sales, then you'll be glad to know it's covered by my...

Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try Cloud Save It for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund right away. So there's absolutely no risk on your part.
All the risk is on me.

Stop frustrating your readers and wasting time on customer support issues that are costing you money. Instead, make it easy for customers to download and save your content for reading later. With Cloud Save It, the simple one-click download will create a smooth user experience your readers will love.

Get Instant Access Now

Yes! I'm tired of my readers becoming frustrated and unable to consume the content I provide. I need a solution that's as easy for them to use as it is for me, and Cloud Save It is just what I've been looking for!

I understand I'll get:

  • The easy-to-install and configure WordPress plugin.
  • Complete instructions for integration with Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.
  • The ability to quickly and easily create download buttons my readers will finally be able to use!

And I'll finally have the peace of mind of knowing my content has been safely delivered right where my readers intended....

Only $ 9.97


Ken Sar

P.S. There's not much that's more frustrating to a reader than not being able to find that download. With Cloud Save It, you can be the hero to your customers by instantly sending their files right where they need to go.

P.P.S. Remember, Cloud Save It is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. If it doesn't live up to its name, simply email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

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