Volume 2 includes ONLY Products All Priced Over $1,000!
(the very highest commission products on Amazon)

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Dear Amazon Marketer,

If you'd like this month's Amazon check to SMOKE all your past commissions COMBINED, this will be the most important thing you'll ever read.

Here's what this is all about.

You know something?

It's painful to watch internet marketers work their behinds off promoting products that net a measly $2 or $3 commission.

That ever happened to you?

Or have you ever sunk time & money into building a site... only to discover no one is even remotely interested in what you're selling?

Are you getting a little sick of it?


Hundreds of Amazon Marketers found a solution to those very problems the last time around... when they grab our Amazon Rolodex Volume 1

And this new volume is shaping up to be something even more special...

What you're about to discover in VOLUME 2 of our popular Amazon series is very exciting.

Here's why.

While Volume 1 focused on products priced from $200 to $1,000...
this one is dedicated exclusively to products price from $1,000 and UP.

Sound good to you?

It should when you consider the lowest commission you'll earn (at 7%) is $70 for just one sale. That's the bottom end. Some are FAR higher.

The average commission is in the 3 figures per sale.

It's pretty amazing to think that one of these items could pay the lease on your car this month.

(I mean, how freaking great would THAT feel?)

And 'The Confidential Rolodex - Volume 2' lets you make money in a huge range of bestselling niches including....

Camera & Video
Home Theater
Kitchen & Bath
Sporting Equipment

(12 Niche in all. Products with commissions of $70... $140... $280 or more for a single sale.)

NOTE: Don't be alarmed when you see a few of the researched products in our list become unavailable or page not found (Amazon removed products sometimes). It might have been sold out or unavailable by the time you get this report. However, it might become available on a later date. That is why we have not removed it. But there are still plenty of high paying products that are still available.

Why not make things easy on yourself, by promoting proven winners?

You know...

...just two of these categories have kept me busy all winter.

And today you're getting them all for just a few bucks.


With Confidential Amazon Rolodex Volume 2...

...There is no guess work about what will sell.

...There is no working hard for little reward.

...There is no time wasted on research (you can skip straight to promoting and profiting.)



How much extra would you like to beef up your commission check by this month? ..

...$1,500 extra?
....$5,000 extra or more?

With high ticket, high demand items-- that is easily within your reach.

Go on then-- take a few bucks out of your paypal account and turn it into something that will be profitable for you in a million ways. You save hours of pain staking research and energy with less than 5 measly bucks. Really, who would not spend $5 and save themselves several hours of pain?

Get Amazon Rolodex Volumn 2 Now For Just $4.97

Best Regards,

Ken Sar

P.S. The customers searching for these products are ready to buy. Get out in front of them and grab that commission! Like shooting fish in a barrel.

P.P.S. If this product helps you make just one sale... ever... you will recoup your investment literally a hundred times over. Don't miss out.


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